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I have the privilege of serving in a couple different positions on my worship team.  Sometimes I get to lead, and other times I'm tucked behind a guitar or piano or maybe even given a microphone to lend a voice.  And through these roles, I've learned an invaluable lesson in worship leadership: if you're on the stage, you're leading worship.

In most churches I've seen, congregations are seated facing forward, and at the very front of the room (hopefully) is a cross.  The focus, as we worship, is Christ alone.  We can only approach a holy God in Jesus' name alone.  Therefore, anybody and everybody on stage should be authentically conveying a posture that directs their own soul, and the congregations', towards Christ.  Our focus, aim, direction, and orientation should all be bent towards the cross.

How could this all look?  Even when your standing behind a pedal board, don't bury your eyes into the blinking lights on the floor.  Even when you're way in the back on bass, don't get so lost in your sweet groove that you check out.  Even when you think you're hiding behind all of your toms and cymbals, keep your heart aimed at the heavens.  Smile.  Wear clothes that don't call attention to yourself.  Worship with expression.  Connect with the congregation.  Engage the Holy Spirit in how and what you play.  

As musicians in church, we've been entrusted with a very public ministry to facilitate connections with God.  Whether you like it or not, people are looking to you for direction.  You can easily lead them to focus on you, or you can rise above and lead them to see God.  Let's remember that this is not our stage - it's the Lord's, and all leaders are simply there to point at the cross and get out of the way.

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