You're With Me


Written by Ryan Kavalsky on

I cannot stand on my own, no matter how I try
Take my hand, for though I feel alone, You are still my guide

I cannot seem to find my way, no matter what I do
Comfort me, for though I am afraid, You will help me through

There's a stirring in my soul, like one I used to know
I know You are moving
So I offer up my hands to serve You as I am
All I am

Spirit, Your breath in me is refuge for my soul
Holy Spirit, with Your life in me, I will never be alone
No matter where I am, You're with me

I cannot see through my eyes where I'm meant to be
Speak to me, for though I have a voice, You're the One that leads

No matter how I feel, I know that You are real
Your presence surrounds me
I will push aside the noise, listen for Your voice
And follow You

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