Win Souls


Written by Ryan Kavalsky on

Another day - still got the Spirit in me
And today, I'll let my God work through me
I'm excited for what God's got in store
My flame's ignited; let's win some for the Lord

I will not hold back!  No, I've had enough of that
Spread the news, you won't lose - you will win souls
I am pressing on!  Yeah, I've got my armor on
Shine your light, fight the fight - you will win souls

Spreading cheer - I'm feeling just like Santa Clause
Go from here; give the gift that changes all
We need to hurry, 'cause Judgment's on the way
But don't you worry; He'll give you the words to say

And tomorrow, another soul is won by what you say
And tomorrow, they'll have the everlasting life
Thanking us for showing them the way

On the line: a gift we call eternal life
Time to shine, and bring some people back to Christ
We can give it and raise souls from the dead
If we just live it and share what Jesus said

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