We Come (Psalm 86)


Written by Ryan Kavalsky on

Every tribe, every tongue
All the old and young will
Come to You and worship You alone
Always good, always true
There is none but You
Alone are God, You alone are God

We come to glorify Your name
And give You our praise
Because of Your great mercy
We come delivered from the grave
You are mighty to save
Because of Your great mercy, Your mercy

Turn Your face, turn Your ear
By Your grace hear us
Call to You, we trust in You alone
Bring Your joy, show Your love
You are God above
We believe in You, we trust in You

You are good (You are good), You are God (You are God)
When we cry (When we cry), You respond (You respond)
Hear our prayer (Hear our prayer), hear our need (Hear our need)
Show Your strength (Show Your strength), for all to see

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It's funny - I don't really know how to play gospel-style music, yet God had me write this song anyway.  I've sent it out to a couple friends to see what sort of fun they can have with it, arrangement-wise, so let's see where it goes!  If anybody else is interested in having some fun with this, let me know!