Watch Me Glow


Written by Ryan Kavalsky on

Now is the time for rejoicing, now is the time to praise God
Now is the time for declaring out loud: our God is good!
Now is the time for our dancing, now is the time to sing praise
Now is the time to get lost in You, in Christ who saves

Singing Your infinite praise
With the joy of the Lord as my strength

I'll say Your name everywhere I go
Take all my heart, all my mind, all my soul!
I will proclaim all that I know
Christ gave me life, so here's my light - watch me glow!

Today is the day for salvation; tomorrow is too far away
Prepare ye the way for my soul has been saved.  Our God is good
Drink of the fountain of mercy, come to the river of grace
My heart will cry out that I'm perfect now in Christ who saves

I stand by the light of Your glory - Your radiance strengthens my soul
Let all that I am reflect all of you!

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