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Written by Ryan Kavalsky on

Forty days wandering in the sand
Full of Life, Jesus takes a stand
Satan says, "Turn this rock to bread"
Still too strong, here's what Jesus said:

"Let go of me!  You ought to know
You can't be one in control
'Cause God is the shield for my soul
So you can't have it!  No, you can't have it."

Jesus Christ was offered all the land
But nothing nice comes from Satan's hand
"All is Yours underneath the sky
If You'd worship me", and this was Christ's reply:

One last time, Satan tries again,
"As a sign, if You are Son of Man
Just jump down, God's Angels will come!"
"You can't win!  With God, I'm way too strong!"

You can't have it, no you can't have it!

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