Sit in the Silence


Written by Ryan Kavalsky on

You’re in the air, the air I breathe
Fill my lungs as You rest me
You’re in my heart, in every beat
Your very blood sustaining me

I have come to seek
Not to speak but to listen and hear what You have for me
I have come to be
Just sit in the silence receiving the Word You bring

You’re in my voice, the song I sing
In every word that I speak
You are my eyes, in all I see
In every sight, in every dream

You knit my life, my inmost being
My very soul, my every thing
Apart from You there is no me
Still my mind so I can see

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Oh, Ryan - my heart's longing in song! This will be one of my go-to songs in the morning.  I love the profound lyrics combined with the musical simplicity. I was singing along by the second chorus.

"Apart from You there is no me." Amen...


In reply to by Debbie (not verified)

Thank you, Debbie!  This song hit me in a moment when I really needed to step back and just sit before God.  No production, no producing.  I'm so glad the song is speaking to you!

Ryan, this song is so well written!  "Apart from you there is no me".    Really beautiful lyrics matched with the melody and guitar work.  Love how it captures that same spirit of psalm 42:1,2 “As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God....".  So singable for a congregation or as a prayer and yet, my favorite thing about this song is that you remind us that it is God who speaks thru His Word to us.   He alone satisfies every longing heart.  I hope you are able to get this song into churches across the globe.  Love you brother.   


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I love how the context of that awesome Psalm passage lifts this song in a new way.  It's a desperate thirst and longing - not directed at a God who stands by and watches, but One who is always present and working within us.  Yes!  He alone satisfies our longings.