Written by Ryan Kavalsky on

I'm reaching out to You with both my hands
And if I fall, please understand
That I'm working with a heart that does what it can for You
With all that You are, You take me as I am
You don't just see me as another broken man
But a child made clean by the blood of the Lamb for You

You know that every day I find a different way
To break Your heart and run away
I thought that I could find my way alone
But here I am and there You are
My spirit has been healed by my Redeemer's scars
I may fall away but I can't go far from You

My spirit sings, "I'm redeemed!" 

There is no more condemnation; Christ has set us free (I'm livin' forgiven (2x))
Now I am a new creation, I have been redeemed!  I have been redeemed!

I want to live in light of what You've done
The old has gone, the new has come
I once was away but now have become a friend
I can only sing of this rescuing
Because Your life was an offering
By man I am born once but by the Spirit I am born again

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