Written by Ryan Kavalsky on

It was Friday, and I was feelin' fine
Not many things were on my mind
The wind was calm, and so was I
Clear blue sky.
A happy breeze filled the place
And put a smile on my face.
My worries had just erased.
As I Lie. 
I soak the sun and breathe the air
I seize the day without a care
The gift of life is everywhere
And I know why.

'Cause I have seen His eyes (Paradise).
And He is in our lives (Paradise).
The sky itself provides (Paradise).
You can't deny that we live in a (Paradise).

Then came Saturday; the weather changed
The sun yields to the clouds that came
The day filled up with the rain
We stayed inside.
Happiness was hard to find
Smiles were a rare kind
We hung our heads and shut the blinds
Time passed by.
As I sat and searched my mind
So happy just to find
The gift of life in you and I.
And I know why.

Sunday came and I don't care
What the weather's like out there
The gift of life is everywhere
And I know why.

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