My Piano


Written by Ryan Kavalsky on

I've been playing you for so long
I'm still playing you today!
There's never been a time when you were wrong
And I always want to play

You always know what to say to me
You always know what's on my mind
You don't know what you mean to me
Eighty-eight, soundin' great!

You're my piano, and you sing to me
Praise and Glory to our Lord
You're my piano, and you cling to me
Amazing gift, what a lift!
My piano!

Your body's shining black and white
You fingers touch the tips of mine
When I'm with you, it's all all right
Because you keep my soul in line

God has joined our sounds together
And I will always lift my voice
We will celebrate Your love forever
And we will make a joyful noise!

(Chorus (Replace "Amazing Gift, what a lift!" with "That is what my gift is for!"))

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