Before Me


Written by Ryan and Katie Kavalsky on

Before my hopes, before my dreams
Before anything I want to be, You are
Before my goals, and all I seek
Before striving leaves me on my knees, You are

Before my doubt, before my fear
Before wondering if You're really here, You are
Before my money, before my greed
Before losing sight of what I need, You are

Oh - before I came to be
Oh - You reigned in majesty
Oh - may that always be what I see before I think of me

You are the first breath of all things
You are provider of everything
You are the life inside of me
You are the reason that I sing
You are the truth that sets me free
You are the life inside of me.  You are.

Before my life, before my death
Before I forget who gives me breath, You are
Before my privilege before my rest
Before pride leaves me with nothing left, You are

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