Living Here for You


Written by Ryan Kavalsky on

Once again, here I am - I'm on my knees again with You
I can't see where to be, who am I trying to please, them or You or me?

Adonai, I can't hide, but still I'm running.  I'm running out
How can I live the life of serving Jesus Christ right now?

With all the voices I can take and all the choices I could make
There's only one that will not break, and Lord, that voice is Yours!

So, here I am!, I'm listening and open to Your Word for me
Let it be the song I sing - nothing but Your melody
I'm living here for You!

Let me be what You need - to live the life that leads to You
To be the one pressing on to let Your light shine on, and bring us back to You

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These words spoke what was on my heart today during communion. Thank you. ?