The Last Supper


Written by Ryan Kavalsky on

The sun is slowly fading as Jesus calls us inside
Into the upper room for one last time
An empty table waiting, and we all sit on one side
There's something in the air tonight
The man I have followed is sitting right there with us
A stillness fills the room - Jesus stands
Anticipation swallowed as He prays over us
And reminds us of His Father's plan,

"I will be handed over to Roman hands
Then my life will be over, but this is God's plan
I tell you this, my brothers, to understand
All children need a Savior, and I am that that Man."

Jesus took the bread and said this is his body
Broken just for you
Just as Jesus said, we took and shared His body
I taste grains of all the pain that He will go through
He lifted a cup and told us this is His blood
Given just for you
We passed around the cup and shared what will be His love
As Jesus tells us what He is to do,

Had I known this was my final meal with Jesus
I would have never let Him go
But Jesus needed to die to redeem all of us
I remember when He let me know,

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