I Surrender


Written by Ryan Kavalsky on

Running on my own and feeling free before I see ahead of me
A wall that keeps me from my dreams or so they seem
Today is gonna be the day that I break through this whole charade, yeah
As I get closer to the end, where road meets wall I know that
All the wall was built upon was put there by my hands
Everything that's keeping me from reaching all that I can bring to You, break me down

Lord, I want to see You clearer
Lord, I want to know You more
Break down and draw me nearer to You with

All my love, I, I surrender
All my pride, I, I surrender
All my will, I, I surrender
All my life, I, I surrender all!

Looking to myself to be the all that I can be for me and
Though I know to go to God I'm good here on my own
As one dream falls, the others rise and lead to only leave me dry, yeah
I cannot keep up with this chase of self, replacing help from
My Father, Redeemer, my Maker and Healer, all-powerful wonderful Friend
How can I possibly achieve all that I need when it's just me, break me down

It's time I finally realize that sacrifice that gave me life
I am worth nothing on my own, and this I know
Today is finally the day that I broke through this whole
charade, You broke me down

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