You Will Save (Psalm 88)


Written by Ryan Kavalsky on

I bow my heart and I close my eyes
Day and night, hear my cries
In the dark, console my mind
Be my help, be my guide

In the pit with no strength to rise
Turn your ear, hear my cries
Relentless wrath falls from the skies
Overwhelmed, the waters rise

You are my help
You will save
Your love will prevail
In life, and in the grave

In the morning I will pray
For Your mercy in the pain
I will always trust Your Name
There is hope on the way

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Believe it or not, it's perfectly fine to shout at God, especially when He confuses us.  It's the shouting that actually builds faith, because in the end we'll find there was hope the whole time.


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That is really comforting to know we can come to Him in our desperation. Thanks for sharing your music. I wanted to come to the concert, but I’m glad I could listen here since I couldn’t make it.